How to use high pressure cleaner

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1, before the start of the preparationCheck the washing machine before the various parts of the screw screws, nuts are loose phenomenon, pump eccentric box has been added 30 # or 40 # oil, need to check the oil level (just over the oil mirror for the benefit).

2, the water pipe connectionInstall the water hose on the inlet of the pump body, and then insert the throat card, tighten the screws on the throat card to ensure that the connection is secureDo not leak. And then press the other end of the water jacket or put into the water tank (the inlet must be completely immersed in water), the inlet pipe requires the installation of filters to avoid inhalation of impurities damage the high pressure pump.

3, outlet pipe connectionThe high-pressure hose is connected to the quick-change connector on the outlet of the machine and the other end is connected to the threaded connector on the gun-type valve. Connection see the structure diagram (quick change connector connection: as long as the knurling sleeve pushed back, then the tie can be pushed to the inside).Note: high pressure pipes can not be twisted, as far as possible extension, straighten.

4, power connectionFirst of all to determine the power supply voltage and signs consistent with the provisions of the cleaning machine used by the fixed power supply connection should be carried out by qualified personnel, and should meet the requirements of GB / T16895. If you use an extended power cord, the plug and receptacle should be waterproof.When connecting the socket, the switch must be set to "OFF" position.

5, replaceable nozzleThe machine gun can be adjusted by changing the nozzle spray water flow, short gun head for the round hole beam flow, long gun for the fan-shaped water.Round hole beam flow - the nozzle can produce bundles of powerful jet, for the dirt is particularly serious surface. Such as agricultural machinery, construction machinery.Fan-shaped water flow - the nozzle produces fan-shaped jet, the scattering angle is large, the impact of the object to be washed is small, can be used for large-scale dirt surface cleaning, such as cars, buses, trucks, towers and other vehicles, Ship; vegetable field and food processing, hotel kitchen; bath, swimming pool; barn and livestock fence, high-rise building exterior cleaning.

6, start the machineCheck the inlet and outlet high-pressure pipe has been connected to the reliable, the power outlet is connected, you can turn on the power, pull the gun's trigger, to be equipped with air after the net, you can have high-pressure water spray. When used for the first time, the air emissions are slow, the first high-pressure pipe can be removed, to be out of the water at the water there is no gas when the shutdown, from the quick connector connected to the high-pressure pipe, and then restart the use.

7, if the water supply to the pump, should be in the boot at the same time, from the inlet pipe to the pump irrigation, half of the trigger gun to trigger the air in the pipeline to be normal work, the water pipe In the water tank can be. At this point the inlet pipe must be equipped with a filter to avoid foreign body inhalation.

8, with a beam of strong jet cleaning operations, the nozzle and the surface should be washed too close, so as not to be too high pressure caused by cleaning objects damaged. Cleaning the fragile surface should be far and near, and carefully observe the changes.

9, when the intermittent time is too long (more than ten minutes), should turn off the power switch, open the gun valve, so that water pipes and guns in a pressure-free state, so as not to unload the water flow in the pump body heat generated by the pump Inside parts.

10, cleaning the pump factory working pressure has been adjusted to 6Mpa, the user should not be arbitrarily increase the pressure to avoid the cleaning machine due to change the working state of love to damage. If the lack of pressure found, according to the back of the tenth fault analysis and troubleshooting to operate.

11, when used, the pump body connected to the sand on the copper drain hole sometimes there will be water drops, does not affect the use of a normal operation.

12, under normal circumstances, turn off the power switch, unplug the power plug, turn off the water (tap water supply), pull the gun trigger, the release of residual pressure inside the pump.

13, the machine transfer, through the quick-change connector unplug the high pressure hose, in order to move.

14, the nozzle of the nozzle and the trigger and other components related to the use of cleaning machine performance, should not be properly used when not in use, so as not to affect the use of bruises.

15, the machine used after shelving: As the single-phase motor starting torque is small, such as press the start switch, the motor buzzing (motorDo not move), should immediately press the stop button, repeated two or three times, the motor can run; if the motor still can not start, please removeMotor fan cover, hand turn the fan two, three weeks later, then start the motor. After the success of the start, to re-installed in the shutdown stateFan cover.

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